About Us

Footwear, gold and chocolate, three great pleasures that every person has between his desires. Chocolat d’Or is the fusion of these three elements, a brand that aims to fit a coquettish, elegant and sensual woman, lover of luxury and exclusive. Everything is sweet Chocolat d’Or, the proof is the original way of presenting shoes in boxes with polka dots and stripes, reminiscent of those of chocolates. Soles, all golden and drawing ounces of chocolate become the hallmark of the brand.

Chocolat d’Or is the result of more than half a century of experience in shoemaking high range combined with new trends and the latest sophistication. Brand headquarters and production plant are located in Elda, cradle of the major footwear companies nationally and globally. A small town that breathes footwear for all corners. Furriers, leather workers, manufacturers trimmings … whole region is specialized in the footwear and accessories of high quality.

The manufacture of our products is strictly national. Everything is manufactured in our production or is acquired from Spanish suppliers. More than sixty people spend their time each day to try to get the best results in the final product. Trimmings, which in many of our models can be found, are handmade by companies of Elche, Almansa and Elda own, and are mostly designs for the brand. Shoes, boots and handbags Chocolat d’Or are made of leather and always top quality materials.